My Currency Conversion app

My Currency Conversion app

Recently in math class, we have been learning about exchange rates, so, as a project, we decided to code an app to convert money from, USD, EUR, GBP, MXN, and CNY into, CAD. The part that was most challenging for me was, when I got some code wrong and I had to try and see what was wrong and how to fix it. I usually overcame it by comparing my code to Mrs. Cleveland’s or asking her for help. I enjoyed seeing the project come together. I think coding is important for future classes like, computer science or jobs like, a game developer.

Here is the link to try out my app,

Note: if you want to convert to USD you have to convert to a different currency first.


15 thoughts on “My Currency Conversion app

  1. I think your app was very well designed but I would have liked some more details in the post.

  2. Concise, short enough to read, even. (Joke. It was a good length though) Why the weird USD situation?

    Whats MXN?

    Also: “Reality Is Everything You Do And Everything That Happens To You.” Not to be mean, but no.

  3. Hey Ravi,
    I liked how much you wrote and how you embedded the link in a word very cool!
    – Audrey

  4. Hey Ravi,
    Your’s was so good! I loved how you had a coo, theme! I thought your writing was just as good!

  5. Great work, Ravi! I also liked how you made your app design your own and went further to accessorise it. Writing and reading code is very important for future careers. Do you think that you could see yourself in a career that either designs or uses code/programs in your future? It was a nice project to see everything that goes on “behind the scenes” of programs and apps we use everyday. You’re officially a coder! I can’t wait to see what else you’ll tackle next!

  6. Hi Ravi,

    I like reading your post and using your app. This sounds like a fun project to do in math class. I think this app could be useful for people who travel to other countries and need to make a quick conversion. Did you enjoy learning how to code? Many of my students love to code. Do you think you will try and do some more coding? Maybe you will make some more apps.

    Keep on coding!
    Mrs. Bennett

    1. Thank you! I think I will continue to code a bit in the future, maybe as electives in high school.

  7. Great post! “Coding” to me is exactly like “French” – a language that I don’t speak, but know that it is really important and wish that I could. Based on the back-and-forth in the comments, my question to you would be, “Why do you think it is important for people who may NOT want to be professional coders, to learn how to code?”

    BTW – pro tip – you can clean up your blog by having all the right categories. This one, for example, could be categorized as “Math”.

    Keep up the great work!

  8. Dear Ravi,
    How cool is this? I love the app that you’ve created, and I really appreciated the tip at the end. It helped me navigate your app easily and convert between all the different currencies.
    I wonder if there is a code block you could add that would eliminate this glitch?? That’s what I love about coding! It’s a never ending work-in-progress.

    Keep it up!

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